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Atelier Clara MARI is a creative studio based in Ventura, CA.


Clara graduated from the French Art School, Les Beaux-Arts in Nantes and spent a semester at the Glasgow School of Art (2012). She also completed a graphic design Master’s degree at Le Campus de la Fonderie de l’Image in Paris (2015).

With her degrees in Art and Graphic design, Clara built a bold and unique perspective of the world around her. Being creative and authentic without following the trends or labels, Clara developed her esthetic eye mixing pop colors, and classic lines. She is full of creative energy, driven by love, always looking for an enthusiastic human connection. 

After years of working freelance in Paris, she moved to the US, starting in New-York and ending in sunny Los Angeles. She is now working as a Creative Director, Art Director, Illustrator and also Managing project with creatives from her network to exceed her clients' expectations. 

« What I love the most is to connect with my clients' ideas, immersing myself into their universe to visually highlight their unique potential through Art and Graphic Design. I always let my French doors open, drop me a line!»



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